Benvenuti nel mediterraneo del 23° secolo, benvenuti in ciò che rimane del Regno dell'Uomo. Immergetevi nell'atmosfera cupa del Terzo Impero Mediterraneo: sperimentate l'opprimente società nata dalle ceneri della vecchia, distrutta dall'arrivo della magia. Trovate il vostro posto in un mondo in cui l'occulto è temuto e proibito, eppure subdolamente presente. Cercate di sopravvivere alle faide fra le famiglie aristoi e alla spietata competizione per il monopolio commerciale delle corporazioni. Lasciate la vostra impronta su un mondo ampio a sfaccettato, dalle torri e gli slum delle più grandi città ai territori alla periferia dell'impero che devono combattere per la sopravvivenza!

How does one become a magician


Magicians, capable people to bend reality to their desires, are definitely an important part of Aegis Aurea. Given the conflictual relationship between the Empire and magic, the existance of wizards within the borders of the Empire is far from trivial. Knowing that using magic is considered a serious offence, how can a person be able […]

20’000 Leagues under the sea


Having to estimate habitable volume available, we can make an approximation and multiply the surface of the Earth for a hundred metres. The amount you get is about 15 million cubic kilometers. Seems like a huge number, but if you compare it with that oceanic 1.5 billion cubic kilometers (about a hundred times more) disappears […]

Why the technology has been lost in the world?


Perhaps the most important assumption of the setting is that, after the collapse of the company due to magic, technology has dramatically, forcing then relegated the Empire to recreate everything from scratch. Why is it so important? because it allows Aegis Aurea to get rid of the nightmare of all Sci-Fi settings: the author’s inability […]

Swords – in the future?


One thing that may leave you a little baffled in the setting of Aegis Aurea is the presence of both modern and antique items. A prime example is in the weapons, where alongside the firearms there are mentions of swords, spears and swordsticks. How is it possible to combine two elements that are so different? […]

Gary Gygax Day


Today, 27 July, role players are celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Gary Gygax, inventor of the famous Dungeons & Dragons. If it wasn’t for him bringing roleplaying games into the commercial spotlight in the 1970’s, I probably would not be here writing this (and you wouldn’t be here reading it). I played Dungeons & […]

Kobarid – the setting of adventure "Shadows on the Isonzo River"


Kobarid, also known by the Italian name Caporetto, was the scene of one of the most tragic Italian campaigns of World War I. On the border between Slovenia and Italy, I don’t think it’s possible to go there without being inspired by the scenery and the tragedy that unfolded there. I went there camping in summer […]

The true face of Grimm


The stories we tell to children at bedtime, the same ones made famous by Disney movies, are much darker than we think. How much? Let’s just say that in the oldest versions, Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the Wolf and the story ends there. As you might expect for someone who is passed through the jaws […]

Not the X-men!


Reading the history of Aegis Aurea and the manual to follow, you might realize what looks like a clear violation of the principle of Chekhov (if anything shows on stage, must then serve to something): the war of the mutants. In early versions of Aegis Aurea mutants were a significant part of the setting, while […]

The origin of the name Aegis Aurea


In the manual the only reference to the term golden age refers to the period before the fall of man. The first thought is that the title of the setting is related to that period. Actually this name derives from the conflict at the heart of the setting: the magic is a force that can […]

The magic system


The characterizing element of Aegis Aurea, by definition, is the magic: head of the golden age and the fall of man, is the unmoved mover of many of the stories that take place in the setting. The magic system that inhabits this world actually preceded by several years. Years before was for the setting that […]