Benvenuti nel mediterraneo del 23° secolo, benvenuti in ciò che rimane del Regno dell'Uomo. Immergetevi nell'atmosfera cupa del Terzo Impero Mediterraneo: sperimentate l'opprimente società nata dalle ceneri della vecchia, distrutta dall'arrivo della magia. Trovate il vostro posto in un mondo in cui l'occulto è temuto e proibito, eppure subdolamente presente. Cercate di sopravvivere alle faide fra le famiglie aristoi e alla spietata competizione per il monopolio commerciale delle corporazioni. Lasciate la vostra impronta su un mondo ampio a sfaccettato, dalle torri e gli slum delle più grandi città ai territori alla periferia dell'impero che devono combattere per la sopravvivenza!

Founding Principles

Founding Principles

1. The purpose of the Association is the fun and collaboration of members of the same. All decisions, changes and possible dispute resolutions should be sent in harmony with this concept. This point is not and will not be subject to future modification by anyone.

2. The authorship of "Aegis" is to the figure of recognized inoppugnabilmente Gamed Henry.

3. Creating new related material, as well as expansions of all kinds of "Aegis" is open to the contribution of the whole community, under the leadership of the Association. Giampieri Enrico, as creator, reserves to maintain the inalienable right of veto in order to keep intact the spirit and original imprint of "Aegis".

4. The Association actively encourages the Community contribution for each material type.

5. Anyone can advance request for inclusion of its official contribution to the body of work "Aegis Aurea".

6. The founding members of the Association are Gamed Enrico Michele, Giordani, Lane and Bernardini Marco Ruffo.

7. The goal of the creator and of the Association is to develop "Aegis" in an entertainment platform that you can articulate in different media forms (such as Visual art, comics, video games, music, …) and a community that will contribute and uses it.

8. The creator and the Association invites the audience to embrace the "Aegis" in its original spirit and discourage the use of material and proposals in clear contrast with the same.

9. The origin of the "Aegis" is recognised only in the role play as created by Giampieri Henry and developed by the Association and located in official identity manual, including the definition of details. Every dissonance or incoherence between various contributions shall be resolved by reference to the official manual.

10. Commercial use of "Aegis" and its additional materials official and unofficial is subject to examination and authorisation of the creator and of the Association.

11. The creator and the Association guarantee authorship of each contribution to its author (s). In the event of disputes concerning the authorship of works or contributions within the community, the Association delegates every legal responsibility to settle the dispute.

Definition of "Aegis"

The term "Aegis", the creator and the Association intended, not limited to as including:


-official game manual includes expansions,

-role play described in the official manual, including characters, locations and present and future stories

-various virtual identities (account, domains, sites, forums, etc.),

-any official contribution, subject to formalization and not rejected,

-all the activities of the Association that has not been rectified,

-the events promoted and/or authorized by the Association,

-characters, places and stories arising from contributions not related to role playing in the narrower sense.

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