Benvenuti nel mediterraneo del 23° secolo, benvenuti in ciò che rimane del Regno dell'Uomo. Immergetevi nell'atmosfera cupa del Terzo Impero Mediterraneo: sperimentate l'opprimente società nata dalle ceneri della vecchia, distrutta dall'arrivo della magia. Trovate il vostro posto in un mondo in cui l'occulto è temuto e proibito, eppure subdolamente presente. Cercate di sopravvivere alle faide fra le famiglie aristoi e alla spietata competizione per il monopolio commerciale delle corporazioni. Lasciate la vostra impronta su un mondo ampio a sfaccettato, dalle torri e gli slum delle più grandi città ai territori alla periferia dell'impero che devono combattere per la sopravvivenza!


Welcome to the Great Mediterranean Empire.
Welcome to what is left of the Reign of Mankind

The year is 180 After Refounding (AR), around 2300 in the old christian calendar, three hundred years after the return of the magic and the second dark age that followed it.
Italy, guided by the strong hand of the Colonna family, has taken control of a broken Mediterranean.
While in the rest of the world the creatures born out of nightmares roam free, Rome has become the center of a new and flourishing empire that emcompass all te mediterranean shores.
This empire, in spite of the difficulties, managed to raise its head and gain back the technology lost for centuries.
This doesn’t mean that the situation is quiet.
On the contrary.

The new noblesmen, the Aristoi, play the intricated game of power courting the forbidden, while the masses in the sprawls stirs distraughted by the crime lords.
The big corporations try every solution to increase their control on the market by any possible mean, while the big religions exploit the uneasiness and the fear of the populace to gain new adepts.
Seas are crossed by huge commercial ships and the imperial fleet tries to contain the new piracy, while in the peripheral Provinces the fight to gain more status and respect in the imperial politics rages on.
Sheltered in the big imperial cities and their high towers, drunk of easy entertainment, the imperial subjects is blissfully unaware of the darkness that erode the foundations of societies and lay siege to its defences.

In the meantime, regardless of the laws that forbids the usage fo magic in all the empire, several people carry out clandestinely this activity.
Against them a group of armed forces are deployied, trained to fight the mages with their own weapons, in an endless struggle
The creatures that roams the earth, like the Fairy Fols and the abominations born out of nightmares, take advantage of that to infiltate the cities and hunt their favoured food: humans and their fears.

In the underbelly of the empire one thousand tensions menace to tear apart the last existing bastion of peace and civilization.
In this world where there is no moral compass, there is no entitlement of good and evil aside from that given by the people themselves.
On which side will you fight on?

The Aegis Aurea is waiting for you

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